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Transforming the Narrative as a Route to Social Transformation (Situation, Complication, Question, Hypothesis – SCQH)

We’ve just completed our Situation, Complication, Question, Hypothesis (SCQH) for the ‘Transforming the Narrative’ stream of our work. We’re posting it here to show the thinking behind what we’re up to, and of course to hear feedback and reflections from anyone who’s interested! The structure of “situation, complication, question, hypothesis (SCQH)” is a methodology we […]

Our Philosophy

Transformative Culture – Inside and Out

In May last year, I joined Art Earth Tech full of beans to join this team committed to cultural activism, and grounded in community living. Those are our outputs: thought leadership in creative events, gatherings, writings on the transformation that needs to happen, and what and why its not happening at the rate of change […]