Life Itself

One Taiwan

The election just happened and revealed a gap in the value system between two generations. How can we bring Taiwan back together after this election and celebrate the many faces of Taiwan? Sylvie Shiwei Barbier will be performing a theatrical dialogue with the audience to open the space and go beyond identities, political views and […]


Taiwan’s 7-11 culture feeds hopelessness

I want to be a mindful Taiwanese citizen in action. I long for a Taiwanese society that has hope of a better future, a future we all feel powerful enough to build through our mindful actions. To this end, we must put an end to our 7-11 culture, because it is a mindful-action-killer. My own […]


Transforming Taiwan’s Education – with a LEAP

I created this situation, complication, question and hypothesis (SCQH) in September on the Art / Earth / Tech nucleus retreat. In November, at our community sprint we chose the name “The LEAP” (Life Expression and Aspiration Project) to describe the initiative I hope to start to pursue the hypothesis. Situation Taiwan is a small highly […]