Ecosystem Mapping Institute

Mapping an Emerging Ecosystem: Partnership With The Institute for Integral Studies

We are excited to announce the third partner in our project to map an emerging ecosystem of organizations and initiatives with radical, alternative approaches to social change: the Institute for Integral Studies (IFIS). IFIS, Life Itself, and Emerge are working together to cultivate awareness and understanding of this emerging ecosystem, both within the ecosystem and […]

Culturology Institute Our Philosophy

Social Paradigm Shifts: A Pre-Survey of the Literature

One of the core components of Life Itself’s theory of change is that, if we are to address the polycrisis facing us as a civilisation, we must bring about a new social paradigm. This phrase, in common parlance, is expansive in its connotations and can be understood in a number of different ways: everything from […]

Institute Shadows

Coming soon to a podcast near you

  I’ve been embarking (virtually) on a publicity tour for my book Collective Wisdom in the West: Beyond the Shadows of the Enlightenment, and the essay The Equality Complex sharing the perspectives that I developed in these works. Jacob Kishere’s Sense Space, the Mourning Talk show with Aaron Parker are recorded with Buddhist Geeks coming […]


“The Master and His Emissary” – The Fate of Iain McGilchrist’s Magnum Opus

by Dr Liam Kavanagh Since its 2009 publication, many have been captivated by Iain McGilchrist’s The Master and His Emissary (TMAHE). The book, whose jacket is decorated by approving quotes from famous thinkers and neuroscientists, provides a compelling exploration of the curious division of the brain into two hemispheres. It also relates this hemispheric divide, […]