Do We Need Wiser Education?

At the Art / Earth / Tech annual Gathering, a group of us came together to distill our thoughts on the need for a wiser education system. We used the structure of situation, complication, question, hypothesis (SCQH). Rufus, Alina, Emmanuel, Ninon, Tom, Richard, Hannes Table of contents Situation Complication Question Hypothesis Ninon + Tom Ninon […]

Life Itself

A LEAP for Education – An Innovative Think/Do Tank for Education in Taiwan

We recently prepared the following draft funding proposal for circulation. In the LEAP’s spirit of the open experimentation and vulnerability we have shared it with the world. If you are interested in supporting us please get in touch! Download PDF version » Table of contents Executive Summary Why is this needed? The Challenge The Solution […]


Transforming Taiwan’s Education – with a LEAP

I created this situation, complication, question and hypothesis (SCQH) in September on the Art / Earth / Tech nucleus retreat. In November, at our community sprint we chose the name “The LEAP” (Life Expression and Aspiration Project) to describe the initiative I hope to start to pursue the hypothesis. Situation Taiwan is a small highly […]