Conscious Coliving

Communal Living: Reflections on an Experiment in

What does it mean to live in community? And, more crucially, what’s the point? While I had a vague sense that a more collectivist existence would benefit both me and the society around me, I had until recently little justified answer to these more concrete questions. A national lockdown spent at the Life Itself Bergerac […]

Co-X Life Itself

Coliving: March 2019 AET London Sprint

We had a sprint in our London Hub on the topic of Coliving. We had some refreshing and exciting discussions, which you can catch up on below. In attendance were Penny, Tom, Cecile, Rufus, and Sylvie. Planning for V2 of London Hub We spoke about our plans for V2 of our London Hub. For example, […]

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Co-Living at Art / Earth / Tech

Summary Co-living is a means of living AET’s values and vision  and a material example of this vision.  Co-living is a path to strengthening our community and transforming ourselves and our society through the fostering of a shared culture. It helps us maintain and live our values and transmit them in our daily life. It […]