Making Eco-Spirituality Accessible Residency 2022

The deepening ecological crisis and the changes in how we live that will start to result will deepen a hunger for eco-spiritual rootedness.

How can we foster an eco-spirituality that is accessible to all, irrespective of identities and other beliefs?

Key Info

  • What: A residency exploring what it would mean for eco-spirituality to be inclusive, what this might look like and how it can form part of broader efforts for climate action
  • When: 2022 (final dates coming soon)
  • Where: Life Itself Praxis Hub, Bergerac, France (near Bordeaux)
  • Who: anyone interested in the relationship between ecology and spirituality, or climate action more broadly.
  • Facilitators: Rupert Read
  • Cost (month): €550-750 (plus €210 for food) depending on room type. This includes participation in the workshop. Costings are indicative, and will be finalised when dates are settled.
  • Notes on costs: our aim is that cost is not an obstacle to anyone in participating. If finance is an issue please get in touch and we will see if we can provide support in some way or another.
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Our residency convener is Rupert Read, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University and former spokesperson of both Extinction Rebellion and the Green Part of England and Wales. Rupert’s recent work has been focused on the idea of a moderate, inclusive flank of the climate movement.

Rupert, along with many others, has recognised that a more spiritual connection with planet, and an enacted sense of the earth as sacred, has an important role to play in shifting our relationship with nature. There is work to be done, however, to foster an eco-spirituality which is truly compatible with a broad based climate movement.

Eco-spirituality should not be a hoop that people need to jump through, nor a jargon or a club. It should be a welcoming way in to deepening our shared engagement with the paradigm-shift and system-shift that is needed. When (and in fact only if) we truly accept the present moment in its totality, on the macro as well as the micro level, then we take entirely seriously our yearning for something more beautiful and loving, and our commitment to making it happen. One can come to accept the present moment globally only by embracing far more thoroughly than we tend normally to do our emotions and intentions that require wide-world change in order to be complete. Real acceptance, that is not a running away, involves a profoundly engaged spirituality.

This residency will seek to explore the questions at the heart of this enquiry into what an engaged and accessible form of ecological spirituality might look like, and the role it might play in a broader climate movement.

More details around the structure of the residency are coming soon. In the meantime, the you can find out more about Rupert’s thinking through the following resources:

Rupert’s EarthTalk at Schumacher College

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