Contemplative Activism is the realisation that one of the wellsprings of our social and personal pain and confusion is the lack of a contemplative mindset — the mindset we are in when we are “connected.” Contemplative activism means doing the activism that we already do, such as climate activism, with a contemplative or reflective mindset. It also involves asking ourselves how to be activist on behalf of the contemplative mindset — to give our wholeness its central place in our lives, organisations, and in society.

We see many expressions of contemplative pursuits such as mindfulness, embodied movement, and trauma healing to name a few. We are collectively exploring contemplative pursuits’ of intertwinedness, and co-creating a space for these related pursuits to make each other more whole and more effective.

Please join us for our weekly call where our nascent, irreligious Sangha meets. We are currently exploring themes such as suffering, racism, and denial, with a generous smattering of recipes and other inquiries into our human condition.

Connect with us on the the usual link:
Sunday 18.00- 19.30 UK time.

Some blog posts which are beginning to set out vision of this Sangha:

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