Life Itself Institute

We are a think-tank dedicated to rigorously examining how we can get wiser.

Getting wiser is central to addressing critical challenges ranging from mental health to climate change. But we don’t value, examine, research or cultivate wisdom – systematically, practically and in the mainstream. We exist to change this.

Building a wise vocabulary

We write accessible papers that endorse the ontological and cultural benefits of a more mindful way of being. We create a vocabulary with which you can discuss your intuitions and inner guidance, and we advocate a more commonplace discussion of inner life in public, particularly as concerns the solutions to our collective action problems.

Facilitating dialogue  

There is an intersection between reason and wisdom traditions. We espouse the virtues of the wisdom traditions in a language that Westerners can compute, without altogether disowning the utility of analytic enquiry. Rather, the goal is to signpost a more fulfilling way of being, that at its root consists of de-identifying from your thoughts and other mental phenomena, and perceiving the world as it is in itself.

Practice makes perfect

You can’t do it on your own. We also run workshops that bring people together to share ideas we believe can have a lasting, transformative impact on individuals, communities, and the world as whole.