Wise Tea

Wise Tea is a web-documentary questioning what it means to be Taiwanese. The project seeks to build a narrative around what constitutes Taiwanese wisdom and identity, delving into its complexity, taboos and ambiguity.

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The LEAP is the Life Expression and Aspiration Project – and a new model for education in Taiwan.

In its structure, the LEAP is living experiment to develop and advocate for pedagogical techniques and an educational system that is wiser and weller. Currently, the main part of our work is carried out through the design and implementation of novel educational programs in Taiwan.

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Life Itself provided key initial inspiration, consulting and incubation for The LEAP along with ongoing support.


“Dear You,

May you look into yourself and see the world. May you look into the world and see yourself. May you act on your dreams and fall in love with unexpected beauty. May you discover and penetrate the magic of what it is to VOIR.”

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