Intentional coliving across Europe. Live better, together.
Our network of hubs are home to creatives, thinkers, and entrepreneurs committed to wiser, weller living.

Bergerac Farmhouse

Farmhouse in the Dordogne area.

Berlin Hub

Intentional coliving, in Kreuzberg. 

Bergerac Townhouse

French architecture with a modern touch.

More than just living

The Life Itself Hubs are where we put our beliefs and theories into practice. They’re intentional communities dedicated to becoming wiser, living better, and taking pragmatic steps to solve the most pressing problems of the 21st Century. 

Community is real

Our society may have forgotten the importance of community, but we haven’t. Sharing practices, food, learning and laughter means that the very act of living is itself transformed into a shared enterprise. Our Hubs embody what community truly means, and show the world just how valuable it can be. 

Want to give it a try?

If this way of living sounds like something you’d be interested in, then click the buttons above to read more about each of our Hubs. We are currently offering short stays at the Bergerac Townhouse, so head on over to the page to apply and see if it could be the site of your next adventure!

For further enquiries please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also read more about the terms and conditions of residency in our hubs.

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