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Be part of the community for people seeking a wiser world. Farmers and technologists, researchers lawyers and artists, young and old — no matter where you are, all are welcome.

Why get involved?

Life Itself is committed to open-mindedly engaging in a conversation about a new big vision for the world as well as to experiment actively in new ways of working and living.

We want to bring together all kinds of people who have at their heart a deep concern to help improve the world and a desire to do so wisely.

We believe this conversation needs to be open and broad so that we may enhance each other understanding by sharing our knowledge and skills.

You can make contribution in this approach to a wiser world through different forms according to your engagement level.

Sunday salons

Our monthly hangouts are where we discuss topics over the weekend for 2-3 hours. You do not need to be an expert or a researcher to take part! It begins with updates and a short presentation followed by time to collaborate together on whatever research or reflection we are doing. Each theme is decided two weeks in advance.

Previous topics include:
– Wise Education: what would a truly wise and well education look like?
– Concrete Steps about Climate Change
– Aligning People, Planet and Purpose through neuroscience and culture
– Mindfulness, neuroscience and trauma

Our Life Itself member from Taiwan Ines Chen said:

“These free hangouts came up with interesting discussions and brought me different perspectives from other participants, and inspired me to go deeper into the subjects that I’m most concerned with.”

Writing- blogs and academic papers

A key element of our community and our offering is a place for people to express their views and thinking on our research themes and our hypothesis:

Within our lifetime and six generations hence, we will develop a federation of resilient, flourishing communities based on a shared culture (views and practices) and ideals including the possibility of transformation, the primacy of (inter)being and getting stuff done and which are engaged with broader society and allying with like-minded groups to foster a culture of wisdom and awakening that can transform society; and, finally, that is committed to practical action including contributing to large scale political efforts to address collective challenges.

We want engaged thinkers to join our community and apply the same rigour into their thoughts and assumptions as we do by writing about it. This also offers other perspectives than the core teams’, which is also healthy.

Contact us with the heading and outline, usually 800 word count and two images.

Organise an event that is relevant to you and Life Itself

Events invite new people to a conversation for a Big Vision for society, through art, through talks and conversation, through contemplation and through fun. We love to collaborate or for people to hold events that align with Life Itself.

See ‘Walking Wise’ walks – a free local walking group activity – initiated by our current London hub member Ayesha, and ‘Is There a Future?’ exhibition organized by artist and filmmaker Cecile Embeton and our co-founder Sylvie Barbier.

Register your interest here and we can set you up with what you need for a cracking event.

Create an Life Itself Salon where you live

An informal structure for holding conversations, discussing concepts and ideas on a wiser weller world. You need a theme or question, a space, a date and some key people who can kick the conversation off and let the evening flow.

Contact us and a team member shall be in touch to support and promote it through our community.

Short stay at one of our homes

The Life Itself residency provides affordable access to inspiring locations where you can focus on your ideas and projects whilst supported and connected to our community.

The residencies are located in our homes in London, England; La Cheraille (a farm near Paris) and soon Bergerac, both in France. These can be for a minimum of a week and a maximum of three months. The residencies are open to people of all backgrounds, professions and ages. Our residencies are not sponsored or subsidised, but are paid for by the guest and the generosity of the Life Itself community.

We offer short term stays in our homes from time to time, and residencies at La Cheraille, France.

Here is a poem from a recent short term resident, Charlotte:

When I first arrived at the Hub of Art Earth Tech,
I honestly thought, “Oh no… oh feck!
These people are better and braver than me!”
but then I created the possibility…
that I could be brave and do what they do
I could be loving and open and join the crew
with the vision of a better way we behold
we can get together and help save the world.
Oh these folks, they do make me happy!
I’m so glad I stayed here with my wonderful chappy!

Learn more about our spaces or apply online to register yourself for short stay.

Family Calls

A “family” is a group that meets regularly for mutual support, sharing and exchange rooted in the values and practices of Life Itself and oriented towards our mission. “Families,” as we call them, are timezone specific and are attended by our Hub members, by attendees to our Gathering and others. Each “family” has a family elder (which can alternate every 3 months) who is responsible for coordinating the group meeting and acts as a communication point between the members and the rest of Life Itself.

These calls are -invitation only-.

Co-Living – Move into one of our homes

We need a better way to live, together.

A growing number of us are seeking lives that are meaningful as well as productive, yet we often struggle to find a balance. We need a wiser way of living whilst remaining engaged in conventional society. A way to live in cities whilst being in community, to be present as well as purposeful, that supports us to be the best version of ourselves.

We are building that way, starting with co-living communities across Europe. We opened in Berlin in September 2019 and will be opening more spaces in 2020! Watch this space.

We seek pioneers and believers in community to be residents of our homes.

As one of the residents you will be part of a small, supportive community and get to shape its culture. You will get to live in a shared apartment off Hoxton Street in East London. As part of an international network, you will be connected to our homes in LondonBerlin and La Chéraille, the beautiful French countryside 40 min from Paris and soon Bergerac in southern France. You will be part of a collective that supports you to develop personally, and provides you with an opportunity to reflect on what really matters to you.

You can register to be on our list to be contacted when they become available.

Work with us

Work at Life Itself in an existing business or collaborate with us to develop a new business or project.

Invest in the Life Itself Real Estate Fund

We have an investment fund to generate more capital to purchase more sites. It owns the title to the spaces and buildings and will provide a long term lease to the long term residents (co-ops) that use them. The investment fund receives the rent from the property and is responsible for the major repairs of the building. Read more here

If you want more information about how to get involved, please contact us and we will be in touch.

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