Life Itself Consulting

We are a conscious consultancy, applying the approaches of the future to the problems of today

Whether you are an organisation, individual or community, our team can help you better reach your goals.

Our unique combination of traditional consulting experience and cutting edge academic expertise enables us to devise innovative solutions that remain fit for the real world.

What we offer

We offer a range of bespoke services designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. We often offer support across two major categories: research and evaluation, and organisational development and facilitation.

You can find out more about our specific offers below, however please do get in touch even if you require something beyond the services listed as we are always happy to discuss additional forms of support.

Research and Evaluation


Our team has extensive academic expertise, including post-doctoral and professorial experience, across a range of scientific and social scientific disciplines. We also hold significant research experience in applied, non-academic settings, including across the public and private sector. We are well versed in an array of both qualitative and quantitative research methods, leaving us capable of undertaking a broad range of research tasks to suit varied needs.

Particular areas of specialism include: incentive mechanisms, social value measurement, climate change, implicit learning, data openness and community governance, among others.


We have an array of measurement and related tools at our disposal to undertake both process and impact evaluation. Our diverse expertise means we are comfortable undertaking evaluations across a variety of contexts, and both at the organsiational and project level.

Organisational development and facilitation

Governance and process design

We are experts in decentralised governance systems, including Holacracy. We can support your organisation to make a full transition to decentralised governance, or help you selectively use its approaches to harness the collective intelligence of your team.

Our associates can also help to redesign and improve the full range of HR and operational processes, from hiring and compensation setting to CPD and well-being support.

Strategy and learning

Our unique approach to strategy development draws on participatory approaches such as deliberative democracy, ensuring your strategy will be relevant and applicable to the everyday realities of your organisation.

We can also operate as a learning partner at both the organisational and project based level, and support the design and implementation of knowledge management systems.

Facilitation, culture and coaching

Our team is trained in a number of facilitation methodologies, and is happy to support with the design and planning of both face to face and digital workshops, whatever your objectives may be.

We can also bring our extensive experience in community building to bear on your organisation, undertaking a range of cultural development and teambuilding activities to support cohesion and collaboration.

Finally, with backgrounds in personal development and other coaching experience, we can support individuals and groups within your organisation to excel in everything from leadership to communication.

Our Team

We draw from the extensive Life Itself network to ensure that each project we undertake is carried out by a truly expert team. You can read more about our associates on our team page, and we are happy to provide more detailed breakdowns of each team member’s experience and skills as part of our project scoping.