Community Projects

Showing you what else the Life Itself network is up to.

The Life Itself community is involved in some amazing projects. Below you can find out more about some of what we’re up to, as well as how to get involved.

U.lab 1x and 2x

We live in a time of disruptive change – one that requires a new kind of collective leadership, different forms of experimentation, and wider contemplation. 

During its U.lab 1x journey, our Berlin Hub created a community of practice around Theory U, a change management method and book authored by Otto Scharmer, and brought to the world in partnership with MIT. It aims to tap into collective consciousness, illuminate blindspots, and build leadership capacities as participants ‘move down and up the U’. 

Together, they mobilized diverse changemakers to rethink, reinvent, and evolve the way we work in our society. 

Having received vast swathes of applications from around the world, MIT selected three of the Hub’s prototypes to form part of the official U.lab 2x cohort. Through collaboration with members of both our Bergerac Hub and the Life Itself core team they’re now using these prototypes to create real ecosystem impact, by supporting longtermist thinking, a just climate transition and the connection of intentional communities.

These efforts have been so impressive the team were even featured on the official Theory U webinar! Check it out below.

Climate Action Community

We transform systems and we transform ourselves.

Led by Berlin Hub member and sustainability expert Lauren Uba, CAC believes that community self-organization is an important tool not only for collective action problems like climate change, but also for personal development and empowerment.

The organisation is on a mission to form a community of practice around climate action, helping participants all over the world connect to develop a better understanding of their inherent capacity for change-making. It helps members create deeper connections to themselves, each other, purpose, and planet via biweekly facilitated sessions and weekly community check-ins. These provide a safe space to collectively acknowledge climate grief, explore new fields, hone leadership capacities, and find purpose with support and guidance.

If you’d like to find out more or get involved, please get in touch via [email protected].

The HubCast

Every movement needs a broadcast.

From founders to residents, cityscapes to the countryside, The HubCast brings the communities of Life Itself together to explore all that lies in-between, and in relation to each other – our stories unearthed from history, our emerging present, and our vision of alternative futures.

Produced and hosted by our resident podcaster extraordinaire Sen Zhan, this is a place to weave the diverse voices in our Hubs into a rich tapestry of ideas, experiences, and lifelines.

Join us on our journey to redefine collective living for a radically wiser world.

Listen to the HubCast on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts and get in touch via [email protected].

What role did views play in determining the fate of slavery?

The interaction of culture and structure is a major interest of ours at Life Itself. In this piece of research Joe Hughes considered how this interaction played out across both the US and Saint Domingue/Haiti in the context of the 18th century slave trade. You can download and read the full essay below: