Cultural Activism Ontological Politics Requiem for a Passing Age

A Modern Caterpillar reflecting on its metamorphosis

Last year, I contributed to an online festival. What an incredible movement to be part of: to reimagine what the future holds and what it means to be a human being. But somehow as the days unfolded and the workshops took place I found myself more and more disturbed without quite knowing why. I was […]

Cultural Activism Ontological Politics Our Philosophy Requiem for a Passing Age

The Cycle of Completion and Creation
Or, a funeral for the past is key to creating a new future

There is a movement in the air with an urgency to create new narratives for our civilization. At Life Itself, we believe this is a central dimension to a wiser, weller world. Recently, we have been working on this at Untitled with Demos Helsinki. In the process we have noticed something. As we tried to […]

Collective Wisdom Institute Ontological Politics Wisdom

Bridging the Wisdom Gap

Recently, Geoff Mulgan and I have been talking about wisdom and the need for wiser societies — not, just smarter ones. “Bridging the Wisdom Gap” summarises are thinking so far and ideas for what we would like to do next. In a Nutshell We propose that getting wiser personally and collectively is central to addressing […]