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Life Itself Community Hangouts

At Life Itself we are passionate about the potential of individuals joining together in community to contribute towards a positive shift within our cultural values. In recent years we’ve noticed a gathering of energy within the field of social change. What once felt like small ripples within the ocean are beginning to feel more and […]

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The Art of Building Communities of Practice for Wellbeing and Presence — Reflections on Buddhafield 2019

Buddhafield is colourful festival of 4000 people that many of us in the Art / Earth / Tech community attend annually. It is sober with very clean loos for a week (!) and fun crazy dancing, saunas, exercises and workshops on everything to decolonisation to Buddhist gratitude practice, to skilful flirting (it’s all about appreciating […]

Institute Policy Wellbeing

A Wellbeing Kuznets Curve

A Kuznets curve for well-being would state that initially well-being increases with material wealth but then at some point it actually starts declining (so as we get richer we get less happy!). To make this concrete think of this example: As wealth increases from a low base, health improves, more food = less hunger; community […]