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At Life Itself we are passionate about the potential of individuals joining together in community to contribute towards a positive shift within our cultural values. In recent years we’ve noticed a gathering of energy within the field of social change. What once felt like small ripples within the ocean are beginning to feel more and […]

Book Notes Co-X

Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux

8/10. Laloux has done a great service bringing together multiple case studies, and drawing out commonalities in practices, attitudes and behaviours. Potential improvements: Those unfamiliar with Wilber and culture/values stage theory (as I was when I read the book) may find the initial sections on “amber/red/green/teal” a bit hard-going. I’d suggest this be moved toward […]

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Coliving: March 2019 AET London Sprint

We had a sprint in our London Hub on the topic of Coliving. We had some refreshing and exciting discussions, which you can catch up on below. In attendance were Penny, Tom, Cecile, Rufus, and Sylvie. Planning for V2 of London Hub We spoke about our plans for V2 of our London Hub. For example, […]