Book Notes Conscious Coliving

Notes on Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian

Notes on Diana Leafe Christian’s Creating a life together: practical tools to grow ecovillages and intentional communities (2003). An excellent handbook on how to create intentional communities. Extremely useful with telling anecdotes, concrete practical steps and a lot of wise advice based on long and diverse experience — not only did Christian live in community […]

Book Notes Co-X

Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux

8/10. Laloux has done a great service bringing together multiple case studies, and drawing out commonalities in practices, attitudes and behaviours. Potential improvements: Those unfamiliar with Wilber and culture/values stage theory (as I was when I read the book) may find the initial sections on “amber/red/green/teal” a bit hard-going. I’d suggest this be moved toward […]

Collective Wisdom Institute Wisdom

Bridging the Wisdom Gap

Over the last few months Geoff Mulgan and I have been regularly talking around the topic of wisdom and how we need wiser as well as smarter societies. “Bridging the Wisdom Gap” summarises are thinking so far and ideas for what we would like to do next. In a Nutshell We propose that getting wiser […]


Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income Proposal (UBI) – does it add up?

Here at Life Itself we’ve had a longstanding, though sceptical, interest in Universal Basic Income (UBI) proposals. So we were excited to see this as a major plank in Andrew Yang’s presidential platform under the name of the “Freedom Dividend”. Yang may be an outsider and a longshot candidate but it’s still good to see […]

Book Notes Culturology

Notes on David Sloan Wilson’s Darwin’s Cathedral

Fascinating book. Its argument for the functional role of religion has much to offer for our own interest in “re-spiritualising society”. The detailed grounding of religious belief and organisation in evolutionary group-selection and the rich set of examples are the analogy of neuroscience (and positive psychology) for buddhist ontology: a modern scientific and utilitarian grounding […]

Institute Ontology Open Revolution

Can digital businesses thrive and have a mindful culture?

“We know that the bottom line of business is profit. But to profit means “to benefit from.” … there’s nothing wrong with making money. It’s possible to make money in a way that is not destructive, that promotes more social justice and more understanding and lessens the suffering that exists all around us. To do this, we […]

Book Notes Ontology

Notes on McGilchrist’s The Master and His Emissary

Notes on McGilchrist’s The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World. This is an exceptional and extraordinary book. Its breadth and learning are awe-inspiring. Its topic of profound importance, its argument fascinating, thought-provoking and compelling. It defies categorisation: it is a work of reasoned ontology that bridges science and […]

Institute Policy Wellbeing

A Wellbeing Kuznets Curve

A Kuznets curve for well-being would state that initially well-being increases with material wealth but then at some point it actually starts declining (so as we get richer we get less happy!). To make this concrete think of this example: As wealth increases from a low base, health improves, more food = less hunger; community […]