A fall update from the Berlin Hub

Fall has gently arrived in Gneisenaustraße, Berlin. We’ve had events, people and lots in between. Lets dive into the last 2 months! Friendly visits After things opening up again in Summer, we were able to receive many friends. Their names are Carmen, Naresh, Liam, Hannah, Charley, Theo, Valerie and even Rufus came by! Some stayed […]

Conscious Parenting Events

Conscious Parenting and Education Workshop – Nov 16

True inner growth for a truly happy child Led by Esther Montmany We are delighted to be organizing a special two hour workshop on conscious parenting and education. Led by Esther Montmany who has more than twenty years experience and training, having led workshops all over the world as well as running the children’s program […]

Community Hangouts

Community Hangout November 2021

This month we have special guest Karl Steyaert, a visionary cultural catalyser who has worked with dozens of intentional communities such as Findhorn and Auroville as well universities and tech companies such as Netflix. More about Karl below. When: Sunday 7th November, 2021 at 6-7pm European / 12-1pm eastern US. Where: Online (zoom). Register with your […]

Culturology Institute Our Philosophy

Social Paradigm Shifts: A Pre-Survey of the Literature

One of the core components of Life Itself’s theory of change is that, if we are to address the polycrisis facing us as a civilisation, we must bring about a new social paradigm. This phrase, in common parlance, is expansive in its connotations and can be understood in a number of different ways: everything from […]

Institute Shadows

Coming soon to a podcast near you

  I’ve been embarking (virtually) on a publicity tour for my book Collective Wisdom in the West: Beyond the Shadows of the Enlightenment, and the essay The Equality Complex sharing the perspectives that I developed in these works. Jacob Kishere’s Sense Space, the Mourning Talk show with Aaron Parker are recorded with Buddhist Geeks coming […]


Well-being and a Moderate Climate Movement

This post summarises the second session of the Wiser Policy Forum, a space to bring together leading experts from across the spheres of policy and civil society to explore new perspectives on traditional policy issues. We were delighted to be joined by Rupert Read, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia and […]

Community Conscious Coliving Ecosystem Mapping

Reflections on the 2021 Emerge Gathering

As the dust from the 2021 Emerge Gathering has now properly begun to settle, it seems like the right time to share some reflections on what was on so many levels a special and thought provoking experience.  I felt truly privileged to be in attendance, and to share space with so many enthusiastic and motivated […]

Ecosystem Mapping

State of Sensemaking Ecosystem Mapping Directory – Alpha Launch

We’re excited to announce the alpha version of our ecosystem mapping directory entitled the “State of Sensemaking”: The site is one output from our ongoing efforts to map an emerging ecosystem. It provides a growing directory of organizations, communities and individuals organized by theme and activity. It also includes background content and interviews as […]

Co-X Culturology Hubs Ontology Our Philosophy

Deliberately Developmental Spaces: a key to addressing the Metacrisis?

The piece reflects Life Itself’s experience with practically creating developmental spaces in the last five years as well as our research, discussions and engagement with many others. We especially acknowledge ongoing discussions with Tomas Bjorkman and colleagues (whose terminology, borrowed from Robert Kegan’s ‘Deliberately Developmental Organisation’, we have unashamedly adopted and built on) as well […]

Ecosystem Mapping

Understanding the emerging ecosystem: event at Life Itself Hub Berlin, Friday 8 Oct 2021

🤷‍♀️ What: What is this emerging space? What are its defining characteristics? And what are the other ecosystems to which it is interconnected? How will it evolve? Come along to find out more, hear from expert guests and participate in some shared sensemaking 😉 🌍 Where: Life Itself Hub Berlin, Gneisenaustraße 52, 10961 Berlin ⏲️ […]