Transformational Autobiography

Discover yourself through narrative. Author your past, free your future. 

(Re)write the stories you tell about yourself in our weekly facilitated group calls. 


Our coaches guide you through a series of written tasks that you’ll complete during the week, which form the foundation of your new narrative, and in essence, your new self. 

Stay connected 

Our Whatsapp group, exclusive to Autobiography participants, is a place to share, discuss, and keep the conversation alive throughout the week. Share your stories, inspire your peers.

Stay motivated

Radical transformation is tough. It’s even tougher on your own. Our community provides support and accountability, so you can finally do the work your inner journey needs. 

Community wherever you are

Not everyone has a local personal development community. Our online sessions enable you to join us from wherever you are, and gives you access to the coaches and peers you might never have met otherwise.