Life Itself Labs

Launch announcement: Life Itself Labs

Some of our more eagle eyed readers may have noticed us begin to reference Life Itself Labs in some of our recent work. We’re therefore extremely proud to be giving Labs the proper launch it deserves. Life Itself Labs will act as a subsidiary of Life Itself, housing our research and consulting activities particularly on the themes of alternative economics and governance, and technology and society. 

While we view inner transformation as a vital and overlooked element of social change, we are also aware that this must be both supported and reflected by the external structures of our societies. We’ve been engaged in this dual approach for some time now and are excited to finally give the systems-focused area of our work a clear home, bringing our unique perspective – marrying the inner and outer domains – into this high leverage area. 

Labs will host our enquiries into web3, as well as our work on economic incentive mechanisms and enquiries into alternative economics and governance more broadly. Our consultancy offerings range from research and sensemaking to economic and governance systems design. If you’d like to find out more, or think that you might benefit from our support, visit our new website.

We are supporting the Government Finance Officers Association to better understand web3

Life Itself Labs is proud to be offering support to the US-nonprofit GFOA as part of their Rethinking Revenue project, to help their membership explore the key trends and technologies in the web3 space and their potential implications for local government revenue.

Life Itself Labs offers a range of services, from research and workshop facilitation to the design and implementation of economic and governance systems. If you’d like to learn more about what we can offer, and how we might be able to help you, then please get in touch via: [email protected]