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Reflections on the Making Eco-Spirituality Accessible Residency

Over the past month, the Bergerac Hub has been host to our fifth Sympoiesis residency: Making Eco-Spirituality Accessible. The residency was facilitated by Rupert Read, academic and former spokesperson of Extinction Rebellion and the UK Green Party. Rupert led us in fascinating and challenging conversations on spirituality, religion, communicating on climate change, the moderate flank, and the part spirituality can play in our response to climate change. Our attendees also held workshops in their fields of interest and expertise including climate change science, non-violent communication, and climate change and mental health. We also took part in daily meditative practices, attended Plum Village’s Day of Mindfulness on Sundays, went kayaking, swimming, visited some prehistoric caves, and had a talent night!  

Pip, one of the residency’s attendees, and Rupert shared their reflections on the residency.


“The Life Itself residency was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this before. It’s a really interesting and unique combination of working, teaching, co-creation, eco-spiritual practices and communal living. It wasn’t without its challenges, but I loved every minute!! I learnt so much about myself, found exploring the residency topic fascinating, and formed many meaningful friendships in the process.

My big takeaways from the experience are:

  • It’s confirmed I want to live in community.
  • I gained heaps of valuable feedback on my work projects.
  • I have a much deeper understanding of eco-spirituality and new ideas for my daily practice.
  • I’ve come away with lots of inspiring areas to explore further through a spiritual lense (eg. Non Violent Communication, Internal Family Systems, food practices, embodiment practices, metamodern rituals, intersectionality and co-liberation).”


“During the residency we explored what is and will without question continue to be a growth area: psycho-spiritual responses to the eco-emergency. With increasing awareness that nothing less than a paradigm-shift can save us now, it is high time to consider how to ease access to such responses: and that is what we did. We sought to investigate the many ways, from science to ecstatic dance, of making Earth-based spirituality accessible. I found our time together deeply informing, moving and energising. What surprised me most was the intense community that we developed in the process. Maybe that shouldn’t really have been a surprise: because community is going to be of the essence of the coming, think-global act-local spiritual awakening.”

Thank you to Rupert and Pip for sharing their experiences, and to all residency attendees for what was a very memorable and energizing month 💛

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