Community Hubs

Another month at the Berlin Hub

This month at the hub saw many things: Spring truly started, Covid regulations are about to be relaxed a bit, and something that’s been on everyone’s minds – the war in Ukraine…

Group Identity

I myself was born in Russia 32 years ago before I came to Germany as a 4-year old and integrated with German culture. This might draw me a bit closer to the war than others, as I’m more personally affected by more general questions such as: Am I supposed to feel shame for what the leaders of the country I was born in are deciding? To what degree am I myself – the unique overlap of perspectives, feelings and experiences that make me – and to what degree am I a representative of a group such as The people of Russia? If so, what is my responsibility to do as part of that group?

Interesting questions, that are present not only in this situation but in any situation where systemic issues lead to injustice people have to suffer. But I don’t want to let such questions, inquisitive – but also quite cognitive in nature, distract from the more heartfelt things: People in pain, people trying to support – mutually trying to make sense of what is happening, feeling the emotions in others and oneself.

We tried to do a little bit to support the arriving refugees. Providing food, informing ourselves about what is happening and planning to fundraise. Thank you to everybody out there who does!

Goodbye Nippun

Nippun came to us last December and fit right in! It was his first time outside his homeland India, where he lived in New Delhi, so arriving in an international Community softened the landing in a foreign country a bit. Also a member of the LGBTQ+ community he brought a unique set of perspectives he shared in many conversations with us.

Nippun on the top right during his good-bye gathering

Having completed his Masters here he’s now off to new adventures. Good luck dear friend, come visit when you can!

How do we want to steer our collective ship?

For the first time we came together for what is now renamed our All Hands Gathering. Here we came together to better understand how our Vision, Mission and Values can help us create structures that serve us in the decision-making space we’re stepping into every once in a while.

Trying to visualize what we’re trying to do during our All Hands gathering

As you can see above, I was able to combine this with my personal project using more visualization when I facilitate. Humble beginnings, that’ll hopefully blossom well over time.

These are only a few impressions from this month. Also Vertel is back from the US, Lucia had a fun birthday party, community consultant Karl Steyaert was here and held a lovely little session with us, and we looked at our values during this months practices. Much to tell as usual. Let’s see what the next month brings 🙂