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Stories of the Berlin Hub

To give you a better impression about what is happening during a typical month at the hub I’ll juxtapose the silly and the serious, the calm and the excited, the reflective and the carefree.


This months theme is „Stories from our Cultures“. A somewhat obvious choice, given that the 11 people at the hub more or less combine over 15 cultures between each other – and that is if we only count heritage.

How did we explore that theme?

The first two session were classic storytelling sessions: We sat around the metaphorical fire(s), once in small groups once in the big group during our practices and shared.

We shared of Russian frost ghosts, of the shenanigans of the Monkey King, or of a Spanish man carrying a sacred bell around the entire country to protect it.

The next session was different: Drawing from Sens Podcasting experience we co-created a podcast together. In duos the Hubbies interviewed each other and materialized what is soon to be released as the next episode of Hubcast! Here is a glimpse at the questions we asked each other that day:

What does this illustrate? There’s many ways how you can come together as a community to better understand each other, using a given theme. There’s immense richness between you and there are many ways to draw that out. Give it a try – you might end up in a different world!

Birthday and Governance

Another illustration of range manifested last weekend.

It was my, Ilja’s, 32nd birthday and I celebrated together in a small (tested & vaccinated) hub + friends’ circle.

We managed to set up a proper karaoke station and sung our hearts out! Followed by a dance party in the dojo and many fun, silly, sometimes deep conversations in between. As a birthday boy I felt the love and care in the room and was happy to not only bring people together – but to also let loose together!

Dancing in the dojo

In juxtaposition to that this weekend we had our next governance meeting.

Are we living up to our values?

How do our structures support or hinder us from doing that?

How do we enable ourselves to actually be present to our values when it’s required?

…are only some of the questions we looked at this Sunday morning. A fruitful conversation! But that of course is the easy part. Cultivation comes next.

The first part of a larger graphic recording

As you can see there is a beautiful dance happening between the many fascets of living together: Whether it’s celebration, or maintenance – we travel through this time together and learn along the way what shapes wisdom has taken in the past and might take in the future.

Until next time!


your Berlin Hub