Creativity month at the Berlin Hub

Welcome 2022! With a new year comes a new month, and with a new month comes a new monthly theme.

A little excursion: In order to enable more depth to our Community Practices by connecting them with each other, we made it a habit to choose a theme, that is then explored in the sessions going forward. Most likely due to the grey weather, coupled with the desire to energize ourselves we chose Creativity, coupled with Songs, Dance & Poetry, as this months theme. It gave us some fun and beautiful sessions. The latest one: Coming together to draw each other with charcoal, while having some Gl├╝hwein together. Even Lauren, who’s been away for quite a while now, came to join.

Miranda and Amee guided this session together
Find the artist in you – together

Corona prep pays off

Another likely reason for the choice we made, was a positive Covid Test that popped up at the beginning of the year for one of our Hubbies.

Luckily, after having had ongoing conversations about this topic from the get go, developing and regularly updating a protocol of how to act when it happens, we were ready for this situation! Quarantine responsibilities were divided up, practice got moved online and updates were communicated via a dedicated chatchannel.

How did the last month feel like?

Last time you heard from us we shared with you the many new faces that have joined the hub in the last few months. December and January, with their many people being away visiting family, grey weather and slowness, felt like a proper break.

Ilja and Sen visiting on of our many “extended hubbies” during their travel – Mahomi in Mannheim.

Things had time to settle, and especially on the ground floor a rhythm, coupled with a more alive co-working part is noticable. New lights around the curtains have brought in a feeling like there is something magical behind the big curtains in the centre of the space.

Now things can slowly pick up their pace again, as the sky is hopefully gonna be blue more often than not again. We’ll keep you posted!

Much love as always,

The Berlin Hub