New faces at the Berlin Hub

It’s been a while since we updated you on the people actually living at the Berlin Hub right now. With our second-to-latest addition having joined in Mid November it’s about time to give you a comprehensive update:

Amee, 23, from Egypt and Jasper, 24, from Germany joined in September, now staying in the apartment in the back of the building.

Amee combines many cultures in herself – half Egyptian / half Russian, she grew up in the U.S., Egypt and Dubai, putting her in touch with many worldviews over time.

A few words from her: “I’m a 23-year-old stew of mixed cultures, new to Germany since late 2020. Since I’ve moved around quite a bit, I’m pretty sure my ancestors were nomads at some point. I love integrating in new cultures and connecting with other internationals about similar experiences, so being in this intentional & international pot is such a blessing“

Jasper spent much of his life growing up in Abu Dhabi. He currently works as a community manager in a different kind of community, providing him with interesting comparisons between approaches to community building along his journey here.

A few words from him: “Being around people from different backgrounds and cultures has been central in my life. It is where I feel most comfortable and where I can learn and grow most as a person.
Both at work and at home, I feel blessed to be in an international environment with so much potential to explore and develop the concept of Co-Living on contrasting scales.”

Miranda, 26, from Mexico, has joined us in September.

When she isn’t playing the lute, Miranda studies Religion in her Masters Program and expresses her learnings in many forms of writing.

A few words from her:“Getting to share everyday rituals with this community has been a source of inspiration for the lasts months. Being surrounded by new noises, words and smells has made this a very playful experience. Im looking forward to see how our collective movement will change as the temperatures drop”

Vertel, 33, from the United States, joined us in August.

Vertel has been a colorful energy on the groundfloor, combining a sense for structure with a love to prepare (and talk about) good food.

A few words from him:“Since learning about the Hub from a current Hubbie, Inna, it peaked my interest. I come from a large family and have tried community living for a short period but never anything permanent. So far it’s been really great to connect with other Hubbies and guests that visit as well. It’s also been nice to have a community of people that have become both friends and sources of perspective and wisdom. I look forward to keep growing these friendships and growing as an individual in my time at the Hub“

Lucia, 24, from Spain, joined us mid November

Lucia is one of our our newer additions and another embodied melting pot of cultures – half Spanish / half Taiwanese, having lived the last 5 years in Scotland, she brings together different languages and perspectives.

A few words from her:“From the moment I walked into the Hub I felt at home so I’m really happy to have found this community of super diverse lovely humans and get to experience the simple things of the everyday with them 😊

Ludwig, 30, from Germany, joined us in November

Ludwig beautifully filled the space that Lauren has left open. He is a proper local, born and raised in Berlin. He loves music and currently works in an online mental health project.

A few words from him:”States of deep connectedness with others (“We-ness”) is what makes life valueable to me. I’m curious how the affordances we exchange shape who we are, as individuals and groups

There we go. These have been almost all of the new faces at the hub recently. Our newest addition Nippun, from India, will be introduced next time, longside further updates around what’s been happening at the Hub.

Novembers Theme: Being with myself & being with others

Before he left, Naresh provided us with a beautiful gift: A lovely suggestion for the theme of the month that was picked up as it gave language to many of the other suggestions. We chose “being with my myself & being with others” as the theme for November and explored it in many ways.

November and the beginnings of December then held many things: A pop-up restaurant, a dinner with the Moos community, Vertels send-off to a long vacation in the U.S., Christmas lights and a new exciting partnership on the horizon!

Stay tuned! We’ll see you soon

With love,

the Berlin Hub