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Life Itself Conversations: Sustainable Wellbeing

Sustainable wellbeing is an obvious organising principle for society: that we should live in a way that enables future generations to enjoy being alive as much as us (or more). Yet this ethos is not truly at the heart of either the environmental movement or the well-being movement – or society as a whole. Why is that? And can that change?

In this episode, Rufus Pollock talks with Liam Kavanagh, Lead of Life Itself Labs. We explore what sustainable wellbeing is: as principle, as a movement and as a political strategy. Finally, we look at why this is an approach whose time has finally come.

Key points:

  • “Wellbeing” is policy’s goal, but has associations of meek compromise, and also recent acceptance of inner routes to greater welfare
  • In times of crisis we need to be bold and unafraid of hard issues like land policy for community while still embracing scientific understanding and inner work.
  • More radical propositions will become politically viable as extreme weather accumulates
  • We need to prepare a plan for the time when people are ready to push it.
  • Some specific policies we can start with, now.