Open Revolution Policy

Life Itself is Providing Expert Support on Environmental Data Sharing Incentives

We’re partnering with GIZ and the EU to help design the new Green Deal Data Space.

Despite our belief in the Primacy of Being, Life Itself has always been committed to an integrated approach to social change. Not only do we see work at the level of systems and institutions as a necessary complement to internal transformation, but we have ourselves developed a strong grounding in these domains. 

Building on the prior success of the Open Revolution book and iMed project, we have been contracted to provide specialist expert support for a G20 and EU initiative around environmental data sharing. In partnership with Germany’s development agency GIZ, Life Itself is thrilled to be working on the design of incentive mechanisms to facilitate data sharing across the global data ecosystem.

Through our work we will engage key stakeholders across a number of sectors to understand current needs, build awareness around the possibilities for incentive models and gather inputs for the design of these models. The work will culminate in us delivering a recommendation report outlining options and opportunities for incentivising the sharing of environmental data, which will feed directly into the creation of the EU Green Deal Data Space and other high level policy discussions. 

Life Itself is privileged to be bringing our expertise to bear on such a concretely impactful project, supporting important efforts to address the environmental crisis by increasing access to the data required to take powerful action. Beyond this, however, we are excited at the opportunity to develop another real world use case for innovating the information economy. Establishing equitable rules for the current information age is one of the most vital systemic challenges we face. Not only is open information essential for improved innovation and collective action across all sectors of society but with the ever growing influence of artificial intelligence, monopolisation of data will create increasingly warped and disparate structures of power in society. 

We look forward to sharing more about the project as it progresses, and to reigniting this more systematically focused portion of our work more broadly in the coming year. Please do get in touch if you have any thoughts or questions, or if you think our expertise could be useful to a project you are involved in.