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We’re Looking for the Next Amazing Addition to Our Team!

Life Itself is Looking for a Communications and Operations Superstar

We’re looking for a new member to join our team. If you think you’ve got what it takes, read below to find out more.


Engagement Type: Contract

Hours: Flexible, 30 hours a week up to full-time

Location: EITHER in person at our Hub in Bergerac, France OR remote — you can work from anywhere, though with some period (esp at the start) in our Hub

Compensation: Based on skills, experience and availability

Timeline: Apply as soon as possible! Flexible on start date, but the sooner the better. 


We are seeking a new team member at Life Itself. The successful candidate will be working particularly in the areas of communications and operations, although there will be opportunities to get involved in a variety of further tasks from research to event planning.

Some examples of the responsibilities you may take on as part of your role include:

  • Writing and editing copy for our website, blog and newsletter
  • Managing Life Itself’s social media
  • Managing engagement with external parties e.g. reaching out to respected thinkers to ask them to speak at events, managing our email ‘front door’
  • Researching and connecting with other social initiatives
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Organizing and facilitating meetings
  • Writing documents for potential investors and funders
  • Research assistance
  • Organising the annual Gathering

We are a small team with low bureaucracy organized on “teal”, agile principles. All team members contribute to a diverse range of projects, so whatever your current skills set you will be in an environment that provides many opportunities for growth. Our work is also embedded in a context of ideas, practices and initiatives which ensures that even everyday tasks carry a high degree of learning potential. While you will work for Life Itself, you may also get involved in affiliated projects.

As part of a largely virtual team, you have the option to work from wherever you want as well as to join us at our beautiful hub in the French countryside. The whole team also gathers at the hub four times a year (Covid allowing), to collaborate on projects and spend time together in-person. NB: we may also want you to spend a chunk of time in person with us at the start of your engagement to get up to speed.

About Life Itself: We are pragmatic utopians. We’re committed to practical action for a radically wiser, weller world. We create hubs, start businesses, do research and engage in activism to pioneer a wiser culture.

We create spaces for conscious community with the aim of nurturing a wise and well culture which embodies the compassion, wisdom and connectedness we believe is necessary if our societies are to truly flourish. We have hubs in Berlin and Bergerac, and are experimenting with how these can act as containers for personal and collective development. 

We believe that individuals are stronger when they are within a community that upholds their values and supports their growth. Our community hubs both model the possibility of a wise and well culture and support their residents in working towards the wellbeing of their wider communities.

We also undertake research and run events exploring how we might shift our social paradigm in ways that are better for people and for the planet. Particular areas of interest include the link between climate sustainability and wellbeing, how social paradigms shift, adult development and its causes and what a wiser social order might look like.

You can read more about Life Itself by browsing our website, also learn more about our work culture our tao:

Ideal candidate

While we don’t require detailed expertise or specialist knowledge, candidates should be able to demonstrate a proven ability to get stuff done and deliver results that are relevant to the role. While the relevant experience does not necessarily have to all be in professional contexts, this is an advantage. 

Further to this, the ideal candidate will be:

  • Highly self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Rigorous with high attention to detail
  • Able to manage their time effectively, and meet deadlines in the face of competing priorities
  • Able to quickly master complex ideas and solve problems
  • Intelligent and conscientious
  • Open to trying out a diverse range of tasks
  • Enthusiastic about coaching, feedback and being challenged
  • Familiar and comfortable with modern digital tools such as google docs and chat 
  • Ability to speak French is a bonus but not necessary
  • Familiarity with git and github is a bonus but not necessary

Application Process:

Don’t think too much about these, it’s just to get a sense of how well we might work together. To apply, send an email to [email protected] and answer as many of the following you can:

  • 2 projects you’ve created or contributed to, that demonstrate your practical abilities
  • Any skills or experience relevant to the position
  • Your degree at university (subject and level), any other major academic accomplishments 
  • A time you’ve showed resilience and adaptability under challenging circumstances
  • A definitive life experience that you have had (this could be anything from a trip to reading a certain book)
  • Two governmental policies you would like to make happen if you could

We are offering suitable candidates a permanent role within the Life Itself team. As part of our recruitment process, we require that candidates complete a 1-2 week insight placement on location in our beautiful Bergerac hub, followed by a 2-month internship, both of which are all-expenses paid and remunerated by a stipend for additional living costs. Upon the offer of a permanent position we are open to discussing where you are based, as long as you are regularly able to spend time physically in Bergerac. Please note that while we are looking to engage people for long periods of time, due to the distributed nature of our team, this position will be as a contractor rather than as an employee.