A fall update from the Berlin Hub

Fall has gently arrived in Gneisenaustra├če, Berlin. We’ve had events, people and lots in between. Lets dive into the last 2 months!

Photo taken by Hannah Close

Friendly visits

After things opening up again in Summer, we were able to receive many friends. Their names are Carmen, Naresh, Liam, Hannah, Charley, Theo, Valerie and even Rufus came by! Some stayed for a few days, some for a week, some for a month, some left and came back. Among other things they helped host a Contemplative Activism Workshop, the Emerge Fringe events, a Warm Data Lab and participated in or even hosted our Community Practices. By now they’re all off into different directions, but what stays are many beautiful memories, woven into our collective story making an impact on who we are, how we see things and where we go in the future.

Liam and Carmen in Berlin
Ilja with Charley and Theo

Emerge Fringe Events

One of the reasons they came were the Emerge Gathering Fringe events we hosted beginning of October. Theo summarized and illustrated the experience beautifully in this post. We offered a place to practice:

Come and be in practice with us

One of the beautiful things about hosting events like these is how they allow to connect to people beyond the actual event. Some of the people we met also joined for other gatherings, for example an impromptu Poetry Slam:

Systems Change, not Climate Change!

Before the people of Germany elected a new government back around the end of September there was a big climate strike in many cities, among them: Berlin! Of course we went to support, saw Greta, and many many people. It’s bittersweet to look back at it now, after the disappointing results of COP26 – nevertheless it felt good to be out there and contribute to the energy that is the (youth) climate movement

Unfuck the System!

Following this trail, Lauren went on her own adventure a few weeks later: Hosting a session on youth alimate anxiety during COP26 she travelled to Glasgow, visited Charley in the UK and is currently in Bergerac, reunited with many of the friends who travelled there from Berlin

Octobers Theme: Flow

Vertel teaching us how to Poi

October was not only about emergence, but as every month we also chose a theme. This time: Flow! As one of our new members, Vertel, enjoys doing flow arts, he hosted a session where we used a combination of socks and flour to create pois, which we then spun in all kinds of ways. You never know what Community Practice might hold for you ­čÖé

November: A new theme and new hubbies

So here we are: November. While Lauren is away we found a person to stay in her room: Ludwig, who you’ll get to know next time, as well as Lucia, a new member for the ground floor. Christmas is approaching, there’ll be more Authentic Relating workshops and probably many things that’ll surprise us.

We’ll let you know how the story continues.

Much love,

The Berlin Hub