What’s new at the Berlin Hub?

Lots has happened over the last few months. Here is a little impression of some of the things we’ve been up to:

Authentic Relating

Our main event in September is a seminar on Authentic Relating, guided by Alexander Müller. A humble beginning with four participants was followed by around 10 people joining in the next session.

Together we explored the themes “Noticing” and “Setting context”. One of the advantages of Authentic Relating is its elegant simplicity and immediate applicability. Theoretical input and practical excercises with a partner were combined into a well rounded package.

Interested to join? We have another session coming up next Tuesday, Sept 28th! Here is all you need:

Facebook event

Hubcast is back!

What happened at the Global Goals Jam 2021 in Berlin from Sept 17-19?

Episode 3 of the Life Itself HubCast features two sustainability heroes who learned something profound about the nature of humanity at this sustainability hackathon. Tune in to hear what this was, and about how the structure of such hackathons is evolving towards a more collaborative, rather than competitive approach.

The interview with Systems Innovation Coach, Inna
and Sustainability Consultant, Lauren, has been conducted and recorded by our resident podcaster Sen.

Find your Ethical Boo

Not only are we doing things together at the Berlin Hub, we’re also empowering each other to follow our own paths. Our dear Lauren had birthed Climate Action Community (CAC) when she arrived at the hub and continued nourishing this new community together with more and more supporters over time.

This month they held an event outside Haus der Statistik where they helped non-profit organizations connect with each other. Among other things Lauren held a Climate Café there. In order to plan all this, the hub had been a place to come together and plan the many steps that an event like this requires. Next stop for Lauren? COP26!

This months theme: Spaciousness

Image by Наталья Коллегова from Pixabay

A while ago we decided to try out a new system for our community practices. Rather than coming up with something new every week we wanted to enable ourselves to go deeper. So we decided to started every month with an Energizer Session, where we celebrate each other and pick a theme for the coming sessions, before we then end the month with a reflection session.

This months theme, spaciousness, has not only brough us a few interesting and, you guessed it, spacious sessions. It also helped us transition from the very open, outward, vibrant Summer, into a slightly more reflective, contemplative Fall.

That is where we are now. Together with a handful of new people (whom I’m happy to present to you soon), and the Emerge gathering on the horizon. Stay tuned with what’s coming!

Much love,

The Berlin Hub