Community Hangouts

Community Hangout – Oct 2021

  • What: Informal community hangout. We all need space to slow down and have fun. The Life Itself community hangouts are a place to relax, catch-up and connect.
  • When: Sunday 3rd October, 2021 at 6-7pm European / 12-1pm eastern US.
  • Where: Zoom.
  • Who: anyone who’d like to come!
  • Join: just jump on the zoom.

We all need space to slow down and have fun. The Life Itself community hangouts are a place to relax, catch-up and connect.

Systems change, culture development, waking up and community living are exciting and energising topics. We all sense that we need new structures and new being for this time of transition.

However, this work can be tiring, overwhelming and at times downright exhausting! Our community hangouts are a place with no agenda and no pressure. Its somewhere to share and reflect on the work you’re doing and to connect with amazing people working on similar projects from around the world.

More about the Hangouts

We are passionate about the potential of culture and community to contribute to a wiser, weller world. In recent years we’ve noticed a gathering of energy within the field of social change. What once felt like small ripples within the ocean are beginning to feel more and more like waves of potential. This is an incredibly energising and exciting time! At the same time, we know from experience this endeavour can also be tiring, and, at times, lonely.

Life Itself is also now 5+ years old and hundreds of people have participated in one way or another. Yet until now there has been no real way to catch up and stay in touch in real-time.

That’s why we are organizing Online Community Hangouts. A place for reflection, connection and, most importantly, no pressure to perform.

Whilst at the core we are offering a space to slow down and have fun, we anticipate that through the interconnection of great people from around the world sharing their ideas, experiences, and hopes for the future we may just see the blossoming of nourishing relationships.

Creating connections between like-minded people is incredibly important to us; we think Carl Jung said it best when he shared “One thing I have found difficult in my life is being able to see and understand something that those around me don’t. I feel a strong desire to discuss topics of such depth and yet feel a deep loneliness in the absence of being able to talk about what feels truly meaningful.”

So if you’re looking to meet people who have immersed themselves within topics such as sensemaking, meta-thinking, shadow work, systems change and much more then come and drop in. Our next session is Sunday 3rd October, 2021 at 5pm UK/6pm CET.