“Home: Between a shelter and a cage” – an exhibition at the Berlin Hub

After a long Corona Winter and Spring, Summer finally brought the gift of openness to Germany and the Hub.

We used this possibility to help our friend Yoav Goldwein fulfill a long-held ambition: To host an exhibition using the pictures he has taken on his many travels around the world.

Artist and Host

Almost 50 people were present over the course of the event.

Either vaccinated or tested, they went on to follow the journey we had laid out on one side of our space.

Drinks, Vegan Brownies, Kombucha and Kefir on the other side provided a chance for refreshment.

The space was transformed back to its original form: To display art.

The exhibition explored the idea of what home can be: Deconstructing the limiting notion of only being a shelter, venturing into how it can be a cage, trying to provoke discussions and reflection on what home really means.

Both the host, as well as the artist spoke to the crowd that had gathered outside, to give people a look behind the curtain of this event. The weather supported this with gentle sunshine and a warm breeze.

The main action was happening outside

The idea now is, that this successful opening will carry us through the coming events: Yoav will host a series of seminars in the space, further exploring the theme in a much more interactive way in smaller groups. The dates can be found on the poster below

Please register HERE, if you’d like to join the donation-based workshops.

In addition, the space will be open for visitors from 4 to 6PM on these days.

Come join and explore with us!

With Love,

The Berlin Hub