Institute Policy

Wiser Policy Forum: Launch Bulletin

Life Itself is excited to announce, in collaboration with our partners at Untitled, and UCL Professor of Collective Intelligence Geoff Mulgan, the Wiser Policy Forum. This initiative brings together stakeholders from across the spheres of civil society, policy and beyond to explore how we might take a wiser approach to some of the most pressing social and policy issues of our time.

The Forum will form part of Life Itself’s experiment, under the Untitled banner, in Ontological Politics, and will be one of a number of avenues exploring how we can return being to the centre of our political discussions.

Our first series of discussions will focus on the politics of sustainable wellbeing. The struggle to shift to a political-economy that centres the compatible goals of well-being and sustainability, rather than economic growth, is perhaps the most important current example of ontological politics; failure to address our way of being in the world has left efforts to bring about this shift falling short. We will bring together leading figures from academia, civil society, grantmaking and policy to discuss the roots of our current failures to connect climate sustainability and well-being economics, and how these might be overcome.

In the face of crisis the world must begin to engage with radical alternatives to our current social, political and economic systems. We hope spaces such as the Wiser Policy Forum will provide room for us to imagine what these might look like, and greatly look forward to sharing the outputs of our discussions with you over the coming months.