Life Itself Bulletin – June

Hello and welcome to our fortnightly Life Itself news bulletin. Here is a quick update on everything we have been doing recently. Go and check it all out:

Compassionate Mental Health

Coming Home to Ourselves is a two day virtual gathering  to explore alternative approaches for living and working with mental distress, running June 23-25th 2021.

Life Itself has co-created the programme, which builds on core themes of connection, community and compassionate systems change.

Find out more here.

Collective Wisdom in the West: Shadows of the Enlightenment

Western society is deeply attached to ”Enlightenment” ideals of rationality, individualism and equality. These ideals have become dogma, taboo to even question, yet inability to discuss their limits creates blindspots central to the ecological and political crises we face. By looking into these three blindspots we can rediscover our capacity for deep intuition, collective action, and politics motivated by love.

Liam Kavanagh has just released his book, ‘Collective Wisdom in the West: Shadows of the Enlightenment’. You can order it here.

Touching Reality – Plum Village Retreat

A specially curated 5-day retreat for scientists and meditators led by some of the most senior disciples of Thich Nhat Hanh and guest scientists.

Liam Kavanagh is running a panel interview on ‘The Sense of Self in the Aftermath of Trauma’, and has helped to curate the event.

Find out more here.

Life Itself’s Bergerac Hub

Recently, Olivia Nater from Population Matters came to stay with us at our Bergerac Hub. She wrote about her experience of her stay in a beautiful article, which you can read here. She thoughtfully broods on the clear benefits and various complications that stem from community living.

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