Berlin Hub – What’s New?

Once a month the hubs inform each other about what has happened during the last month. Below you’ll find a shortened version of the last Berlin Hub Update. Enjoy!

Winter in Berlin

Safety first

Have you gotten tested recently? Hubbies queuing to get an all clear for celebrating the holidays

Winter so far has been the time of big and important conversations between and within the hub(s). One (actually by now two) of them was regarding clear rules to deal with the pandemic. This gave us clarity how we can best protect each other, make the hub a safe space, and do our part when it comes to lowering the numbers in the bigger scheme of things. 

Christmas time

It’s seems so long ago by now (especially in Hub time): Christmas time was full of warm hearts and good food.

Kitchen time

All prerequisites for food are in now. And I must say: We do like food.

We were able to cheaply aquire and successfully transport a new old kitchen to our Shopfront space (bless you Ebay Kleinanzeigen).
Newest addition from just a few days ago: A self-built pantry (aka. onion shelf)

The Digital Hub develops

Weekly practices? Check! Pictures and harvests? You bet!

We’ve created a special place for everything we want to capture and make accessible. It’s called The Digital Hub and it grows steadily. A recent example: After a meta-conversation where we reflected on the weekly Community practice, its purpose and how we can get even more out of it, we decided to move from two community breakfasts to breakfast + dinner, add a sign-up sheet, and also add a place where we put our Personal Practices (for easier connecting around them).

No idea what we’re talking about? Come stay with us for a while and you’ll see!

Worms are life

Life finds its way!

Remember these little guys on the left? After a couple of months our vermicomposter has produced plenty of rich soil, which has then right away been used to revitalize the plants in the common space. The plan now is to continue on this path, which might include a Macramé-hanging-plants project, and a permaculture workshop.

Welcome Felix

Felix, 27, from Germany, has walked with us on the u.lab 1x journey and transitioned into the hub mid December, where he will stay until end of March. He is working at the Institute of Future Studies in Berlin as a researcher and podcaster exploring the intersection between digitization, sustainability and resilience.

Here are a few words from him:”I’m thrilled to call the growing and vibrant hub of Berlin my home for the coming months. It’s been super exciting to get to know the diverse and caring community and to explore new way of co-living and co-being, together. I am really looking forward to partaking in this journey and to the joint adventures and projects in the future. Much love, Felix”

Welcome Raph

Raph, 22, from Mainz, Germany, studies statistics, loves to cook together with others and is a damn good Werewolf player! He joined us out of a desire to build deeper and more meaningful relationships aswell as figure out his place in the world and society.
Here a few words from him:”I moved in a little over 3 weeks ago and am blown away by the way life works here. So intentional, caring and open. In the long run I want to learn more about facilitation, co-living, meditation and so much more but for the moment I am just really happy, that I get to spend my time with these people. There is no better way to get through a lockdown.”

Propose, discuss, vote

Sen illustrating what she’d like to make a reality

To get the year started we convened for a session of planning and decision-making. People brought in their proposals and after few short rounds of discussion we voted on how to go forward with them – can we fully step into it yet or does it need more development? Are people excited for it? Who will be in the drivers seat and what support do they need? The harvest of the session afterwards was accessible in the Digital Hub

Last but not least: U.lab 2x

U.lab 2x is here! From Februry 2nd onwards we are offering offer a four month journey for up to 30 people who want to learn about societal transformation and work on one our of three concrete prototypes. You wanna know more? We created a video-invitation that contains everything one needs to know, check it out through the link above.

…we had a lot of fun doing this. Make sure not to miss the outtakes :))
Inna (aka. Lamp Girl) approves

Much to see and much I haven’t mentioned yet: We did a content creation course, built our own Dojo, start the Hubcast with Sylvie as first interviewee, got beautiful new curtains for the Shopfront, and started our very own Patreon account and and and..

Come visit us when the pandemic ends. There is much to do and much to experience.

Until next time! Your Life Itself Berlin Hub