Contemplative Activism Salons

Universalism: do we dare question it?

Life Itself Salon Saturday 6th February 6pm – 7:45pm CET

Recent political events have made the fact that we live in an experiment more palpable. It is a daring experiment, there is perhaps nothing more experimental in our culture than the idea of achieving equality here on earth before judgement day. 

One particular question has been problematic for our utopian voyage since the moment it started: who is to be included in the crew? The saints say leave no man behind, while worldly people advise that there are promises we cannot keep without causing a fatal breakdown in the great experiment. 

Conflicts on this point have been right at the center of recent events. We will inquire into views of individual and group identity and stories of history that lie in the center of conflicts over immigration and new ways of seeing that might renew the West’s dearest dream.

Join us with Dr Liam Kavanagh, our Life Itself team and community members to discuss and share our experiences of universalism in our day to day lives.

Saturday 6th February 6pm – 7:45pm CET

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