Possibility Now

What do you believe is possible? Contribute to the collective conversation by sending us your visions for a better society.

With 2021 beginning, we are looking back on a year in which the pandemic brought grief, hardship and anxiety. Many of us connected more deeply to our mortality and vulnerability, our needs for community and the pain we experience when separated from others. We experienced the impact of decisions made by our institutions, our governments, our loved ones and ourselves, on our physical health but also our emotional wellbeing. It was already clear we were part of a global community — the climate crisis, for example, reflects how our actions impact those we will never meet — but the pandemic has made our interconnectedness harder to ignore. It also created an immense rupture in ‘business as usual,’ bringing a time of strangeness and uncertainty.

At Life Itself we have been asking how this period of disruption and increased awareness of our interconnectedness might spark a broader reassessment of the status quo, a consideration of — if and when we return to ‘normal’ — what we want that ‘normal’ to be. One thing is clear; we need to have these conversations together, because we cannot create alone what we can create when we are in conversation with one another. In April 2020 we launched the initiative Possibility Now — a call to action for dreamers, doers, thinkers and experimenters to share their visions of a world we could create together in the wake of the pandemic.

Our hope is that out of the global tragedy of the pandemic will arise a reawakened enthusiasm for exploring our collective hopes for humanity and bringing them into being together. When we get unstuck from our feelings of resignation, when we reconnect with our hopes and imaginations and see that others are dreaming and hoping and caring along with us, a window opens to a better future. What have we longed for, been moved by, lost patience with, or felt inspired to change this year? What do we believe is possible? What is worth striving for, because there’s a possibility? Our invitation to you is to contribute to this conversation by sending us your visions for a better society.