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Beloved Sangha, Thank you

Wisdom seeped through the cracks and provided balm to my pain in in our last virtual Sangha meeting on Sunday. The group wisdom provided a mirror for me, one that I didn’t even know I needed until this meeting.

I have a confession; I am a news junkie. I love reading newspapers and finding out all the ‘things that are going on int he world’ and knowing the latest developments. In the last weeks running up to and after the US elections I have been obsessively checking the news on tender hooks with the latest twists and turns in the ‘crazy’ US elections. Last night provided me with the reason and understanding, and critically the compassion with myself to realise I needed to drastically cut back on this habit. It doesn’t serve me and just creates a form of addition to something that is never going to yield any benefit.

We sat with the following questions, ‘What as contemplatives do we have to say to the multiple threats to democratic norms?’, ‘What might be our stance to our political systems?’, and ‘What might our posture be toward say Donald Trump?’
The holding and container of love and compassion, non judgment openness and ‘being with what is’, that we build each and every time we meet, sustained me. But it did more than sustain, it enabled me to make shifts that I could not make by myself. That is what I experienced Sunday night. I was able to surrender. And in doing so let go of habitual patterns that I do not need. This is the value and use of a Sangha; to provide feedback and mirrors to its members. In relationship can we receive certain kinds of feedback easier and faster than on our own.

“As contemplative activist I believe the activism is not to have a judgment or a stance on a specific situation but to sit with the realisation that I embodied the structures which have created the problems, mostly from believing that I am separate, and to sit in this fact, this powerlessness complicity of Trump ( not the person Donald Trump but who he represents, and the position he holds in the US political system) being manifested in this world, to bear witness to this hideous stickiness, is the activism since this contemplation will allows cracks in our own thinking, cosmogony, and with that new ways of thinking based on inclusive perceptions of reality.”
Valerie Duvauchelle

It was also observed that by putting energy into things and situations what are not generative we lose energy for things that are. We are holding our life energy hostage to a degenerate nexus of thought patterns, and debilitating our possibility of living loving and caring lives. It is a form of mind pollution. And much other wisdom and insight flowed effortlessly from us.

We took some time exploring loving kindness, compassion, empathy, love and benevolence. We explore this further in our next meeting on Saturday, November 28th.
This is an open Sangha.

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By Naresh Giangrande

Co Founder of Transition Town Totnes, & Transition Training. Celebrating a new cultural story while gracefully letting go of the old.