Wise Living Fund Information Session

What: An introduction to the background and aims of the Wise Living Real Estate Fund.

When: 29th October, 6-7pm CET 

Where: The event will take place via Zoom.

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What is the Real Estate Fund?

The Real Estate Fund is a fund offering an investment opportunity in land and property with a social purpose. The Fund exists to provide capital to develop mindful, wiser and weller co-living and co-housing communities, whilst providing investors with an opportunity for social impact, security of capital and a fair return. 

Why do we need this now?

Individuals and groups have an increasing desire to live wisely and well, and to do so in community. Investors are increasingly seeking ethical, social, and well governed investments, that secure their capital and provide above-inflation returns. We exist to bridge the gap between these parties.

The Fund’s Philosophy

We operate the fund as we would a not-for-profit entity, and do not create short-term financial incentives for management. We prioritise the mindful, long-term management of our assets, and are invested in the flourishing of the communities they support.