Embodied Deconstruction – Throwing Light into the Individuality Blindspot (Sunday Salon)

With Carmen Zurl and Liam Kavanagh Sunday 11th October 6pm (UK)

When: Sunday 11th October 6pm – 8pm UK time

Where: Zoom online

Price: By donation

Join us for the unique salon in collaboration with Contemplative Activism this Sunday evening!

The idea that we are each individuals living ‘our own life’ is a useful but flawed intellectual fiction woven into (us) Westerners. We largely live as though it were true, even though we notice and remark on many ways that it is false. We can embody individualism and deny it simultaneously, as contradictions are the reasoning ape’s great talent.

We might not be personally responsible for being individualists, given that each of our minds is a collective creation, but we also have the ability to respond to this dogma, especially in groups.

“Embodied deconstruction” might be a way of referring to the practice of acquiring a feeling for what it is like for our souls to “have an individual constructed inside them” and move towards freedom.

Carmen Zurl and Liam Kavanagh provoke the exploration.