Institute Ontology

Ontological Politics – A Preface

Ontological Politics is one of our initiatives here at Life Itself and a topic I have been working on for some time. This preface is part of my (in progress) book on the subject.

Politics almost always becomes an “in order to”. Never itself. And this robs it of possibility.

As an “in order to” it becomes another instrument, another means to an end. It is only when we can be with where we are as a society, as humanity, that we have real power to create. It’s a subtle place to stand. It’s not “in order to” and it’s not resignation. In fact, it is in this space that real possibility can call us forward to act, to take a stand.

In the common world of political discourse (as in the world in general in relation to Being), nothing is new, it is a world of idle chatter, of a tranquilized obviousness. In such conditions we remain lost, at least to the possibility of transformation: our future may be more or less pleasant, more or less easy, more less interesting, but it is never truly our own or our own creation.

A key ingredient in rediscovering our politics is authenticity. It must be a politics without strategy, without artifice in the traditional sense.

And it demands a special kind of listening. This most of all. Politics does not come from the politicians. It comes from and is given by the listening we offer to it. Thus, a new kind of politics demands a new kind of listening. That is what I ask of you, and of us.