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Sunday Salon: Menstruation in community

With Bex Baxter, Sunday 25th October 3pm-5pm (UK)

When: Sunday 25th October 2020 3pm – 5pm (UK time)

Where: Zoom online

Price: by donation

Bex Baxter, Life Coach, TEDx Speaker and former People Development Director at Coexist CIC, will be holding a Sunday Salon on Sunday 25th October to explore the topic of Menstruation in Community.  Sharing her own pioneering story of breaking a Menstrual taboo for the first UK business in the west, Bex will share her passion for integrating new ways of relating to menstruation in community and workspaces.

Having journeyed from one paradigm to another, Bex will showcase the intelligence of the menstrual cycle, exemplifying ways we can best harness its guidance for optimum individual and collective health. There will be a platform for deeper exploration, appropriated to individual situations.

All welcome. Q&A and signposting to key books, people and links will be made available and options for further individual or group work with Bex.

References and links mentioned in the talk: