Culturology Ecosystem Mapping

We’ve published our ecosystem snapshot report

For some time now, we’ve been interested in better understanding the ecosystem that Life Itself exists in.

After some preliminary research, we’re excited to share our initial map and snapshot report, which we’ve dubbed the State of Sensemaking.

There’s lots more work to be done, both to uncover more organisations in the ecosystem and understand more clearly how they relate to one another, but for the moment we hope this initial effort can be useful in seeding further work.

The ecosystem as we have mapped it is quite broad – even disparate. However there are commonalities. Emerging organisations and individuals are opting towards ‘teal’ style collaboration and community building in order to maximise resources as a generalist, lateral way of operating comes into view as a more effective way of tackling systemic problems.

There is a focus on systems, emergence, coherence, sovereignty, sensemaking as buzzwords, along with activism, governance, and regenerative culture. This is characterised by a strong lean towards spirituality (mindfulness) and the relationship between inner and outer life. At a higher level, we have identified three core thematic areas which tie together the varied groups in the space: collectivism, (w)holism and counterculturalism and culture-making. We will expand on these in the report.

Beyond this thematic overlap we have identified four major areas of activity: physical spaces, research, media/publishing and events. Nonetheless, it has been notable that many organisations have shifted to multi-channel working across a number of these (e.g. producing media content as well as running retreats and events).

View the map and download the full report.