Berlin Hub is seeking new residents!


Join our new coliving community in the heart of Berlin. Grounded in purpose and presence, the hub is part of our international network of co-living spaces intended to create communities dedicated to fostering a wiser, weller world. Rooms are available from the end of August or November 2020 and start at €420 per month all costs included.

  • What: Join a coliving community in the heart of Berlin
  • Where: Gneisenaustrasse, Kreuzberg, Berlin
  • When: August / November 2020. Stays from a minimum of 3 months
  • Who: People who have a pioneering spirit and value community and making a difference
  • Cost: From €420 pcm (furnished and all costs included)

We need a better way to live, together

A growing number of us are seeking lives that are meaningful as well as productive, yet we often struggle to find a balance. We need a wiser way of living whilst remaining engaged in conventional society; a way to live in cities whilst being in community; to be present as well as purposeful; to be supported to be the best versions of ourselves. 

We are building that way, starting with creating co-living communities across Europe.

We seek pioneers and believers in community to be residents of our hub in Berlin.

Our Berlin Hub

Our Berlin hub opened in September 2019. As one of the first residents you will be part of a small, supportive community and contribute to shaping its culture. You will live in a beautiful old building on the tree-lined Gneisenaustrasse in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. 

We have different spaces available with different price points, all inclusive of bills: 

  • Four bedrooms (13m² each) on the ground floor attached to our community events space — €420 each 
  • Three bedrooms on the first and fourth floor — €560 to €680 each depending on size

There is a communal space for events on the ground floor that faces the street and has a separate entrance. Here you can hang out with other members of the hub, hold your dream event and attend other amazing events curated by guests and the other hub residents.

You will be connected to our other hub in the beautiful countryside in Bergerac, France and be part of an international community that supports your personal growth and wellbeing.


  • Basic English
  • You have a love of living in community and contributing to it.
  • You are a self-starter: you take initiative and manage your own projects.
  • You want to make a difference.


  • You have a meditative / mindful practice
  • You have done personal development work
  • You have past experience with living in shared spaces

More about the space

Open your window onto a tree-lined boulevard in Kreuzberg. The flat is in a 19th Century building with large bedrooms, wooden floors, high ceilings, large windows and a modern kitchen. The bathroom has a shower and a bath. 

Life Itself has a strong aesthetic where we honour noble, natural materials. The bedrooms will be part-furnished and include a double bed. We provide a refrigerator, freezer and a washing machine. 

What previous residents in our other hubs have said: 

“Staying at the Life Itself London Hub was a lovely experience of living intentionally and in community.”

“The London Hub members were all awesome, and I felt like we had created a warm, open and trusting dynamic and atmosphere.”

“The interior itself was also exceptional, and it adds a lot of coziness and uniqueness to this centrally located space.”

More about Life Itself

A multidisciplinary initiative creating a wise and beautiful future

Life Itself is a multi-disciplinary initiative including artists, ecologists, researchers and technologists. Its goal is to foster a community of people making a wise, well and beautiful world. Activities include developing coliving spaces; building a network via gatherings and events; and sharing knowledge via education and research.

More about life in the Hub

We are forming a community where:

  • We stand for the importance of collective action, especially for issues like climate change. We take the role we play in these problems and the agency we have to change them seriously.
  • We are not shy about discussing everything from big controversial issues to everyday and personal ones. We interact with diverse groups from different social classes, different professions, different political views and different religions. We don’t run away from conflict and we create an environment where disagreements can be safely expressed. 
  • We think carefully about why humanity is the way it is. We question the status quo and its direction. 
  • We are on an enquiry into self-development and self-awareness and we value communal living to support that growth.

If our intentions resonate with you, here are some other things that will apply to you if you would be well suited to living in one of our hubs:

  • You value communality and participation. You’ll want to eat with your house-mates regularly and enjoy having the opportunity to extend your circle by meeting friends of friends who you would never otherwise encounter. 
  • You value contemplation and mindfulness and either have a meditative practice or would want to be in an environment which would support you in having one.
  • You want to live in an emotionally open and caring environment. You want to be able to depend on a shoulder to cry on and you’ll offer others the same.
  • You’ll be considerate of others and respectful of communal spaces when you have a romantic partner or friend to visit.

*Please also note we have a no-pets policy in our hubs.