Life Itself

How might schools prepare for 21st Century?

Join us for a Sunday Salon with community member, Atish Mistry.

When: Sunday 16th August 3pm – 5pm BST

Where: Zoom online

Having spent 10 years working in financial markets for different investment banks, he has has now taken a complete 180 to become a (Maths) teacher. His vision is to use that as a stepping stone to open an innovative new school in the UK. He has traded working with UK Pension Schemes and Asset managers, for a 90% pay cut and working with teenagers. Indeed, his ex-colleagues think he may have gone mad.

Over the past year he has been immersed in the world of Education, absorbing the latest cognitive science of learning [which is coming Straight Outta’ Stanford], developments in edTech and fast moving tectonic plates in education policy. He would like to share with us the things he has learnt over the past year and his views on how education is on the cusp of a major revolution.

Join us for a conversation covering how schools are only at the beginning of their journey in preparing pupils with the skills they need to thrive in 21st century.

When you book, you shall be sent a Zoom link to access the Salon.