Life Itself

We’re Changing Our Name

We have an exciting announcement to make: we’re changing our name. Art / Earth / Tech is becoming Life Itself.

Why? We want our name to really capture our commitment and vision, the essence of what we are standing for as a community. We believe that when we choose wisdom, well-being and awakening, we are making a stand for life: we are choosing Life Itself.

Over the next few weeks you will see our brand and name change, but our commitment remains what it has always been.

We are here for the people dreaming of a bigger future, who sense that the inner work is essential. Those who want to discuss the big questions of life, who want to deepen their practice and flourish in areas they care about. The people who want to live more wisely, honestly and coherently and have seen that community is essential.

Ultimately, we are here for many generations to come after us. We are here for the ecosystem as a whole.

We are grateful to be taking this stand with you for Life Itself.