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Love Letter to the future

In our last Creative Practice Call we wrote a “Love letter to the future” dedicated to our grand children. Below is a beautiful touching letter by Juliet Cochrane.

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To My Darling Grandchild,
This is the year 2020 – a number that sounds like the future to me even almost 6 months in (and 8 months pregnant). What year are you alive, now, and reading this love letter to the future, to you my darling grandchild? 

Not long before my grandma passed away she said to me: now I understand what immortality is. It is you. It is seeing myself in you, so clearly.  
We each live on even after our physical form has passed. Do you already feel that sublime connection between your individual self and the whole Self (with a capital S)? You came out of this world, not into it. You are soil, air, water and fire; skin, breath, blood — life. You are beauty. Do you see the beauty around you? 
What can you see around you, right now? Where can you find beauty? In the trees, the sky, the city scape. All is earth, air, water, fire. All is a part of you and you a part of it. One beautiful whole with all the people in their rooms, on the streets, in the grass, climbing trees. You are each alive and sharing this time and the human condition — your hearts all beating at the same time. 
Now, do you look inwards and see beauty? Never forget how beautiful you are. Your skin, your blood, your soul — all is beauty. Live beautifully. Love. Love inwardly and outwardly. 
I am with you always. Your mother and father are a part of you, always. The past future, the past present — all roads lead to the same place: now. 
Now is when I write this letter to you, my beautiful grandchild. Now is you reading these words like the whispers of a ghost. Like all ghosts whispering, there is a longing to be heard. We all just want to be seen and to be heard. Who sees you? Who hears you? 
Never shrink. Never make yourself small. You are an expression of life and of beauty. You have a birth right to express yourself and to be seen and to be heard. 
Spend your time with those who make you feel alive, who see you, who hear you, who tell you: you’re beautiful
Never stop seeing the beauty in things and that which is sacred in the every day.
All my love,
Your Grandma XXX

By Sylvie Shiwei Barbier

Sylvie Shiwei Barbier is an Artist and Co-founder of Life Itself