Sunday Salons

Take time to unwind on a Sunday afternoon whilst someone shares with you what has captured their imagination. From fermenting kimchi through heartbreak, to social and cultural implications of AI. Our community is rich with gems, masters and mistresses of all sorts of skills and knowledge, and this is an opportunity to listen and learn from their passion.

Sunday Papers Live. Photo by Sebastian Barros

Here are the details of upcoming salons:

Sunday 28th June: ‘Networks of Socio-Ecological Resiliency’ with Rory Egan Curtin

Join our open online salon as we delve into the world of systems, agriculture, and community.

What: Rory Egan Curtin is leading a discussion about the Himalayan region of Ladakh, India, which has recently seen social-ecological transformations occur at an unprecedented rate. How might we learn from this in ways that impact our understanding of food, community, and resiliency in a time when all are called into question?

When: Sunday June 28th, 2-4PM (UK)

Sunday 19th July: ‘The Equality Complex’ with Dr Liam Kavanagh

What: Dr Liam Kavanagh, a founding member of Life Itself, will pull from his recent paper on Collective Wisdom, our collective blindspot: the equality complex. He’ll demonstrate that society has a counterproductive attachment to ideals of equality that distort our mindset in dangerous ways. Read more in his pamphlet: ‘Questioning Equality’

When: Sunday 19th July 2-4pm BST

How do these salons work?

On the last Sunday of the month, we open our doors to those in our community who have something to teach us, from knowledge to new skills. As a listener, you simply need to log on to the call and the session will be led first by the guest host, and then with a discussion afterwards. If you would like to host one of these sessions and lead a salon, email [email protected] and they will arrange this with you.

What do I get out of these salons?

Our community is vibrant with expertise in many fields under a commonality that is: a wiser way of being, and how to generate that in the world today. You get to learn from these experts and be part of a community that values rigour and expertise, knowledge sharing and craftsmanship.

Why Art / Earth / Tech value this practice 

As a community we are nothing without the people who make up the community – from different fields, cultures and ages. As you know from our Gatherings, our team and collaborations, AET is multidisciplinary and is nourished by our differences and edges.

Here are the times and dates of the salons:

28th June: ‘Networks of Socio-Ecological Resiliency’ with Rory Egan Curtin 2-4pm BST; 3-5pm CST

12th July: ‘The Equality Complex’ with Dr Liam Kavanagh 2-4pm BST; 3-5pm CST