How to create community in practice

As the confusion and uncertainty beset the world back at the start of April, many of us were thrown into redesigning and readjusting to our lives. Some of us lost people, some of us lost work, some of us were on furlough and some of us were requested to work from home. For the majority this is still the case months later. 

Art Earth Tech is a distributed team of people who work in different countries and timezones, so much of our communication and work culture is generated online. Over time we have experimented with different practices and processes to help us be effective, be connected and be well as a team, and as a community. We are community committed to being in action. And that takes practice.

Recently, we launched a new offering to share these practices and exercises with our community. These require a low but regular commitment and construct something more powerful for you in the long run. 

Get S*** Done calls is an elaboration of our morning stand-up routine. We hold one another to account for what we say we will get done that day; and what was done the day before. We give our word to the team, and that is all we can give. There is no one else telling us what to do, no ‘pressure’ we create from elsewhere, it is on our word to create our work and move the company forward. That is powerful. As it is in everyday life. 

And if you don’t do what you said you would… there is nothing wrong. If you can identify what ‘blocked you’, what got in your way and how we as a team can help (both with coaching and structurally), we go through it during the call. You can only get the support though if you share what stopped you – and that requires a level of openness and vulnerability crucial to team and to community bonding. 

Each morning now, I sit and watch as 24 people from across Europe pop up on my screen because they gave their word to show up to the group, and to themselves; to hold one another to account, the sense of integrity and commitment is tangible and their results show that. 

The next cohort starts on 8th June at 8:30am (BST) and is open to book here.

Creativity is like a muscle, the more you practice the stronger it gets. In our Creative Practice calls, you get to be more in tune with yourself and your intuition. Our community provides support and helps you with motivation, since one of the hardest things is to keep yourself motivated in your creative practice when you are alone. Morning is the best time to activate your right brain, so you will continue your day being more in the flow. Join Sylvie at 7:30am (BST) every Thursday morning from 11th June for six weeks and see for yourself what happens if you practice!

And finally, we delve deeper into our story.  We are excited to share with you Write your autobiography class: an opportunity to get clear on your past so you can create a new future. This is a beautiful journey with a group to reflect and discover perhaps long forgotten years of your life, key events and key people who took you in a different direction. During our weekly call you will get to share and reflect on your own life path, how your identity got formed and start to transform the seeds of the past. After just 9 weeks, you get your own unique book full of collage and stories of what made you who you are today. Starts Wednesday 10th June at 6:30pm (BST)

“Doing this with others, the sharing was so moving and I got present to how I belong to one big family, that no matter the age or where we come from or our social background – we are all the same.”

For all of us, we are in a time of reflection, of noticing and of opportunity to transform what isn’t working. These calls are simple ways to be part of a community that holds you to account to that opportunity and helps you break through what is not working for you. Come and join the call with us.