Get S*** Done Calls

“The practice of writing down goals and To Dos helps to create more headspace and focus. I’m usually not a person who likes to be held accountable for tasks and when there are deadlines, I do everything at the last minute, but this feels completely different and for some magical reason I get so motivated to tick off boxes. Especially in these times I feel extremely grateful for this cohort and the support it’s giving me.

Maybe there are projects you always wanted to do but never got around to it. Maybe you tend to procrastinate and overthink things. Maybe sometimes you just need to talk to someone so you can get your juices flowing! Well the Get S*** Done call is for you! You can benefit from our practices if you are doing a massive spring clean or delivering a project to a client. This call is open for all from teachers to musicians, to engineers and business owners all over the world. 

Join our Get S*** Done calls, every weekday morning for 25 minutes from Monday 14th September at 8:30am (UK) for 3 weeks with your host Petronella @Life Itself.

Book in for £30 for 15 sessions and get £5 BACK if you attend 90% of the calls!

“If you want some structure and to make yourself accountable to other people, this is a great way to do it. Also a good opportunity to get clear on what it is you really want to achieve and why and how your daily to-do list are aligned with that. In lockdown particularly, it is really great to see other faces everyday and make contact with others but even outside of lockdown, for those who work alone, from home or are self employed, I would say it’s an excellent course.”

How do these calls work? 

We have group morning calls for 25 minutes each weekday morning where we partner up and break up our blockers, and one hour each week where we go a little deeper on our aspirations and plans.

You will be part of a WhatsApp group, where you get to write up what you have accomplished in the last 24 hours, what your game is to achieve and do in the next 24 hours, and what you may be blocked with. This is where being part of a community who has your back helps. We will then follow up with an hour workshop a few days afterwards after some reflection on your goals to power you to go forward.

Life has always been uncertain, yet having practices and people around help us accomplish what we want. 

If you have any queries, please do contact [email protected]

What do I get out of these calls?

Our global community provides support and accountability which produces powerful results (and better than going at it alone). This is a practice we have tested ourselves internally for several years and it works. Which is why we want to offer it to our broader community. Here are some additional things that will get covered:

  • Self motivation and self management
  • Accountability
  • Validation exercise
  • Integrity

“I always take so much out of it! For me especially it is reassuring to see that we all struggle with similar things and that that, too, is part of the process. But I also get a lot of inspiration from seeing what people are striving to accomplish and from getting a more private glimpse into the life of a stranger, and what other forms of living there are (profession, housing, volunteering, cooking, farming,…)

Get S*** Done culture of Life Itself

Part of creating a wiser world we all want to live in, is in the way we are being and getting s*** done. Life Itself would not exist if it were not for us waking up with a possibility and getting the legwork done. We’re doers as well as thinkers and meditators. We value hard work, commitment, shipping, and getting sh** done. So we can’t wait to be on the call with y’all and share this practice with you. Who’s in?! 

Join our morning calls at 8:30am – 8:55am (UK) on Get S*** Done. 

Every weekday for 30min from Monday 14th September to Friday 2nd October with your host Petronella @Life Itself. Book yourself for £30 and get £5 BACK if you attend 90% of the calls!

“The morning meetings helped me focus, not just on my day ahead, but on what is important to me. I’ve come away from three weeks with (finally!) a sense that I can make space for the bigger plans in my life. And there are already signs of that plan coming together.”

Here are the times and dates of the calls (BST):

You can benefit from our practices if you are doing a massive spring clean or delivering a project to a client. This call is open for all from teachers to musicians, to engineers and business owners. 

  • Monday 14th September 8:30-9:30am our first call will be for 1h, so we can set you up!
  • Tuesday 15th September 8:30-8:55am
  • Wednesday 16th September 8:30-8:55am  
  • Thursday 17th September 8:30-8:55am
  • Friday 18th September8:30-8:55am – a review of the week 1 🙂
  • Monday 21st September 8:30-9:30am
  • Tuesday 22nd September 8:30-8:55am
  • Wednesday 23rd September 8:30-8:55am
  • Thursday 24th September 8:30-8:55am
  • Friday 25th September 8:30-8:55am  
  • Monday 28th September 8:30-9:30am
  • Tuesday 29th September 8:30-8:55am
  • Wednesday 30th September 8:30-8:55am
  • Thursday 1st October 8:30-8:55am
  • Friday 2nd October e 8:30-9:30am – our last call will be for 1h, so we reflect on our learning and outcomes and celebrate our accomplishments! Order the pastries 🙂
  • Wednesday 7th October 8:30-9:30am workshop

If you have any queries, please do contact [email protected]